Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Double Color Cowl/Scarf

The worm pattern scarf by Katushika will keep you warm on those fall/winter days.

You will need about 100 grams each of fingering yarn in two complementing colors, used here: Wollmeise Löwenzahn and Raupe Yarns.

1 circular needle 3,5 or 4 mm (US size 6-7-8), at least 80 cm (US 32in) long .
Gauge: 20 st / 10 cm (4in). If you have another gauge, no problem, you can adjust your stitch
count easily, also in case you want to have more or less width.
This scarf has a diameter of 55cm. If you prefer a looser fit, add more stitches.

CO 220 st in MC using long tail cast on and close to round. Be careful not to twist.
Knit 6 rounds.
Change to CC and purl 6 rounds. Twist the two strands in every round.
You can also cut theyarn if you want to have a more discreet change of rounds, but when wearing you won’t see the twisted strands, you can hide them in your neck.

Repeat rd 1-12 at least 7 times or more, if you want.

Change to MC and knit 6 rounds, bind-off loosely. Weave in loose ends, wear and have fun.

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