Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Great Scarf!

Just another fun scarf pattern using great yarn from Rowan!
Rowan Lima: 50g and 109 yards
1 Ball each of Colors 885 Machu Picchu (A), 888 Lima (B), 890 Bolivia (C), 886 Puno (D).
Approximate Finished Size After Blocking: 60” by 7”
16 sts = 4 X 4 inches in stockinette.
Knit: 1 pair US 10 32” circular needles (or size to achieve gauge)
Crochet: 1 pair 6.0MM Crochet Hook

CO 243 sts using the cable cast on, leaving a 5 inch tail (or desired length - this will become your fringe).
You may want to place a marker every 20 sts to help in counting your stitches.
If you would like a longer scarf just cast on 4 more stitches for every extra inch you desire.
CO row counts as row 1. Begin pattern, changing colors every 3rd row on the RS, using your A, B, C, D color sequence.
Row 1: * K2, P2 * until last 3 sts, K2, P1
** Each time you reach the end of a row you will cut a 5 inch tail for fringe.
Repeat row 1, changing colors on every RS row
Approaching the End:
Once desired width is reached, work one RS row with the next color in the sequence.
Then cast off on WS row as follows:
Loosely K1, P1, pass knit stitch over purl stitch, drop off, K1 pass purl stitch over knit stitch. Continue as established in the K1, P1 pattern loosely. This cast off keeps the stitches
from leaning to one side or the other and finishes the piece off nicely.
Trim your fringe and then block lightly.

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