Friday, January 29, 2010

Garter Stitch Shawl- Use your Yarn Stash!

This is a very flexible pattern—you can make it with just one kind of yarn, lots of different yarns; you can make a shorter shawl or longer shawl just by changing the number of rows you knit.

Finished Size: Will vary according to your preferences.
Yarn:Use about 20 different worsted and chunky weight yarns. Needles: Size 15 (10 mm): 30" (80-cm) circular.
Gauge: Will vary according to your yarn.

CO 2 sts.Row 1: K1f&b, k1--3 sts.Row 2: K1, k1f&b, k1--4 sts.Row 3: K1, k1f&b, knit to end--1 st inc'd.
Repeat Row 3 for pattern.
Switch to a different yarn every 3 or 5 rows, depending on how wide you want the stripe to be and how much yarn you have. Leave the ends of the different yarns out to make the fringe. Switching yarns on odd-numbered rows will make a fringe on both sides of the shawl.
Continue knitting until you have about 230 sts, or until the shawl is the desired length. BO loosely.

Tie on leftover yarn pieces to balance out and thicken the fringe, if desired. Lightly block if desired--finished shawl will be triangular in shape.Helpful TipUse smaller scraps of yarn near the base of the shawl so you don't run out of yarn mid-row on a longer row.

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