Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Knotty Knitters Meeting

Last night was the first night I went to the Knotty Knitters meeting in Austin. I found them on . There was about 15 of us, all ages, all backgrounds...some working on knitting projects, some crocheting and even a few cross-stitchers were there! I sat next to a 22 year-old UT student, originally from Portugal. She said she used to knit as a child, but completely forgot what to do. What a joy to teach her cast on and the garter stitch! She's making a scarf for her boyfriend. She completed 5 rows and asked me to teach her how to Purl!

What a great evening and what lovely women!

If you are looking to connect with fellow knitters, check out and type in your zip code. Go out and knit and make friends!!!

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