Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Perfect Knitted Bucket Hat

This is the perfect knitted bucket hat!. Whether you leave it plain or embellish with a sharp button, this bucket is sure to turn heads! A beefy Cotton Yarn would make it a great sun hat!

16” US 7/4.5mm circular needle
1 set US 7/4.5mm dpns or size to obtain gauge
Spare circular needle, size 3mm - 4mm 24” or longer in length for provisional cast on and hem.
Yarn needle
Stitch markers
Yarn: approx 200 yards aran-weight yarn.
Shown in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, #41 Burgundy

18 sts and 28 rows to 4 inches
Fits most adult heads
Finished Circumference: 21 inches

Abbreviations & Techniques:
k2tog: Knit two stitches together
k1fb: Increase by knitting into the front and the back of the same stitch.
pco: Provisionally Cast On
I prefer a provisional cast on using a spare circular needle as illustrated on Eunny
Jang’s great website:
For this cast on, it helps to tension your yarn as if crocheting. With a slip knot on your right tip of your main circular needle, and the cable of a second circular needle held below, bring your right needle under the cable and pull up a loop of yarn. Swing the right needle above the cable and behind the yarn, pulling the yarn forward. Two stitches have now been cast on, including the slip knot. Continue to repeat these two steps until you have the proper number of stitches.
After completing the brim, you’ll bring the spare circular up to meet the main one and attach by
knitting together the first stitch from the main needle with the first stitch from the spare circular.
After you’ve knit together each pair of stitches, you’ll again have the number of initially cast on
stitches and can continue with the pattern.
This type of cast on is well suited for hems of all kinds. Try it out today, and if you get stuck, a
quick Google search for “Provisional Cast On” will turn up videos and other textual descriptions.
Have fun!

Using 16” circular needle, PCO 96 sts. PM and join to begin working in rounds. Knit 2 rounds
(K7, k1fb) 12 times; 108 sts.
K 7 rounds
(k8, k1fb) 12 times; 120 sts.
K 5 rounds.
P1 round to turn hem. This will be the edge of the hat’s brim.
K 5 rounds
(k8, k2tog) 12 times; 108 sts.
K 7 rounds
(k7, k2tog) 12 times; 96 sts remain.
K 2 rounds.
Join with cast on edge as follows:
Bring the spare circular needle up and behind the knitting. Knit first stitch together with first stitch on spare circular. Continue around until all stitches have been worked and your hem is complete.
Knit in rounds until hat measures 6.5 inches from brim’s edge, or as desired.
(k6, k2tog) 12 times around; 84 sts.
K 3 rounds.
(k5, k2tog) 12 times around; 72 sts.
K 3 rounds.
(k4, k2tog) 12 times around; 60 sts.
K 2 rounds.
(k3, k2tog) 12 times around; 48 sts.
K 2 rounds.
(k2, k2tog) 12 times around; 36 sts.
K 1 round
(k1, k2tog) 12 times around; 24 sts.
(k2tog) 12 times around; 12 sts.
Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches to secure.

Weave in any ends. Sew on button or other embellishment if desired. Enjoy!

Easy Peasy Modification
For a simpler hat, cast on the initial 96 sts as you would normally. Work brim and the rest of the hat without joining the brim in place. After you’re finished, fold under the brim and sew in place along the cast on edge.
Designed by Amy M. Swenson for Make One Yarn Studio

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