Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Knitted Famous Shawl

I have knitted over five shawls from this pattern using different yarns ( adjusting to gauge) and each one has turned out beautifully! You can never have too many triangle shawls, especially from this Fiesta Yarns pattern!
Yarn: La Boheme (50% Rayon, 34%
Brushed Kid Mohair, 14% Wool, 4% Nylon; 4 oz./165 yds.) 2 skeins.
You may substitute Starburst La Boheme or Insignia La Boheme. The colorway shown is Aster.
Needles: Size 17 circular needles and medium crochet hook. Notions: Scissors, yarn needle with big eye (pointed for weaving in ends) Optional: Beads with a hole large enough for a crochet hook to go through and Gelato ribbon for fringe.

9 stitches = 5”; 8 rows = 3”

PATTERN STITCH Garter Stitch - Knit all rows.

Loosely cast on 18 stitches. Using size 17 circular needles work Garter Stitch increasing 1 stitch at the beginning of every row until you have 94 sts. Knit one row without increasing--you should have approximately 1.75 ozs of yarn left. Bind off loosely.

The shawl will measure less than the finished dimensions. Do not worry! It is designed to be  stretched. Go ahead and lightly ™block the shawl to the dimensions shown.

Cut a piece of cardboard into a 7 inch square. Wrap the yarn around  the cardboard 150 times. Cut the strands at the point where you began wrapping. Use two double strands of mohair and
rayon together for each fringe knot (approx. 75 total).
Beginning at point A,*fold the double strands in half and usea crochet hook to thread these strands through the outside edge of the shawl. Pull
without increasing--you should the end through the  loop created.* Repeat between * approximately every 1 1/8 inch to point B, across to point C, and up to point D.

Finishing Options
 ™Cut the ribbon the length of the fringe strands and use a few along the edge for a more luxurious look.

™Pull the fringe strands through a bead before attaching to the edge for an elegant look.

Knit a row of ribbon randomly throughout the stole for a different look.

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