Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tassel Hat and Scarf Set

You can never have too many tassels...and this pattern from Fiesta Yarns proves me right!

Hat to fit head circumference 20 (21,22)" Scarf approx.6W' x 50" not including tassels

Yarn: Boomerang (MC) (100% Extra fine Superwash Merino;4 oz./250 yds) 2 skeins La Boheme (CC) (50%
Rayon,32% Brush
Kid Mohair,14% Wool,14% Nylon;4 oz./165 yds.) Both yarns shown in the colorway Sapphire.
Needles: Hat:US#8/5mm 16" circular, US#8/5mm dpn,
Scarf: US#10/6mm
Notions: Stitch marker,Tapestry Needle,
5" piece of cardboard

18sts over 4"/10cm in St st on US#8 needles with Boomerang

Make up the hat first,and then use what is left of Boomerang to make the scarf. The finished scarf
may be longer than indicated in the sizing.

1: With tip of left hand needle,pick up the bar between 2 sts from front to back. Knit through the
back of the picked up st.

Kitchener Stitch:
Set up: Cut your working yarn with about an 8-10" tail.  Thread the working yarn onto a tapestry
needle. Slide all the stitches to the right hand tips of both needles. Hold them together in one
hand. Step 1: Bring threaded needle through first front stitch as if to purl and leave stitch on
Step 2: Bring threaded needle through first
back stitch as if to knit and leave stitch on needle.
Step 3: Bring threaded needle through
first stitch as ifto knit and slip this stitch
off needle. Bring threaded needle through next front stitch as ifto purl and leave stitch on
Step 4: Bring threaded needle through first back stitch as if to purl,slip this stitch
off,bring needle through next back stitch
as if to knit,leave this stitch on needle. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until no sts remain on needles.

With US#8 circular needles and both MC and CC held together,CO 80 (84,88) sts. Join ends,being
careful not to twist.  Place marker at beg of rnd. Work in K2,P2 ribbing for 214''.Drop  CC (do not
cut).Carry the dropped yarn up at the beg of the rnd.

Beg Hat Body: Rnd 1:with MC,K. Rnd 2:with MC,K Rnd 3:with MC,K Rnd 4:with CC,P Rnd 5:with CC,P

Rep Rnds 1-5  7(6, 5) times. Beg Dec Rnds:
Rnd 1:with MC,K Rnd 2:with MC,K
Rnd 3:with MC,*K8 (7, 9), K2tog*,rep
from * to end of rnd. Rnd 4:with CC,P
Rnd 5:with CC,P
Rep Dec Rnds 1-5,working 11ess st before K2tog on every 3.-.Rnd. Change to dpn when number of sts
can no longer fit comfortably around the needle. Rep Dec Rnds until there are 8 sts remaining.
Divide the sts evenly between 2 needles. Weave end closed with Kitchener St. Fold top of hat down
so woven end meets top edge of ribbing and jog at beg of rnd is hidden underneath the fold. Using
tail of yarn remaining from Kitchener stitch, fasten end of hat to side.

With US#10/6mm needles and CC,CO 3 sts.
Row1: K
Row 2: K1,M1,pm,K1,pm,M1,K1. Row3: K
Row 4: K to marker,M1,slm,K1,slm,M1, K to end of row.
Rep Rows 3 and 4 until there are 25 sts on
needle. Knit 2 more rows. Change to MC.
Scarf Body:
Rows 1-3: K1,St st,to 1st  before end, wyif,sl1.
Rows 4-5: K1,Rev St st to 1st before end, wyif,sl1
Rep Rows 1-5 until body of scarf is desired length,having just completed a Row 3 rep. leave approx
1yd of MC to use as wrap around tassels.
Change to CC. Knit 2 rows.
Dec Row 1: K to 2 sts before marker,ssk, slm,K1,slm,K2tog,K to end of row.
Dec Row 2: K
Rep Dec Rows 1and 2 until there are 3 sts left on needle. BO 3 sts,leaving 6-8" tail. TASSELS:
Wrap CC yarn approx 20 times around 5"
piece of cardboard. Cut bottom end of tassel. Attach folded end of tassel to end of scarf using the
yarn tail.  Using a piece of MC,wrap around folded tassel several times approx.1" from fold. Secure
and bury tail inside tassel.
Rep for tassel on other end of scarf.
Rep for tassel on Hat, attaching tassel at join point where top of Hat was sewn just above ribbing.
Trim tassels if necessary. It should not be necessary to block these pieces.

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