Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knitted Shawl With a Twist

It's all in the back detail of this shawl pattern from Fiesta Yarns!

Yarn: Ballet (50% Superfine Alpaca/50% Tencel; 4 oz./250 yds.) 1 skein each of two colorways.
Colorways are Wild Oak (A) and River Bank (B).Needles: Size 7 (or size needed for gauge).

With color A CO 11 sts.
K1, P1 (seed stitch) across row ending with K1. Repeat this row until piece measures 10”, cut yarn and leave sts on needle. Make 4 more tabs like this. There should be 55 sts on needle now. K 5 rows. Continue in seed st. Dec 1 st at end of row every 4th row. Dec are best made 1 st in from edge. Continue until 3 sts are left and knit them all together. With color B c/o 11 sts - - then continue as for color A. Place the 2 pieces on flat surface with the straight edges on top and the tabs touching. Take the top 2 tabs (one of each color) and fold them over each other giving a half  twist to each side. Sew cast on edge of tab to top of the same color. Continue with the other 4 sets of tabs. [They can also be put together without the  twist].

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