Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scarf/ Shawl...You Choose!

This large knitted triangle scarf can be worn many ways in many climates...the pattern from will be your go to piece!

The samples were knit in:
(1) Black – Leinen Los (by Shoppel) 300 m – 100 g, which is 70% Virgin Wool and 30%
Linen – like a felted tape. The whole skein was used in the shawl.
(2) Mustard- a mix of Cascade 220 Fingering yarn (wool) in Yellow, with Classic Elite
Silky Alpaca Lace in Autumn Copper (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk), the total used was
about 425 yds. of each held together and knit as one strand.
(3) Natural – Trekking Pro Natura by Zitron (75% Wool, 25% Bamboo) 100 gram ball –
approx. 450- yds. – fingering weight (size US 7, 24 “ circular needle for this one).
(4) Grey/Purple – Blue Heron Yarns, “Winter Sky” Heather yarn. 650 yards (40%
cotton, 40% rayon, 20% space dyed poly). This used approx 325 yards – so I made two
of the same by splitting the skein. (Yes, I liked it that much.)
With the exception of the shawl knit in Trekking Pro Natura - (natural sample
above) I used US size 10 ½, 24”, circular needles.

The trick is to use any yarn you like (from lace weight to DK) and then use a needle size at
least 2 sizes bigger than the one suggested.
The flow, like that in the ocean, is important here.
To keep the knitted object from going too “ loosey goosey”, the edges are created as a form of
I-cord – it holds the interior in place, but still allows for a flowing feel.
NOTE: You use as much yarn as you have or want – but the best effect requires at least 325 yards.

PATTERN: All rows end with three slipped stitches knit-wise. All increases are taken on the
Odd numbered rows - occurring right after the first stitch. Note – I have included placing a
marker on the beginning and end of the row so you can always remember where you are (and
as a subtle reminder that the next stitch will be either an increase or it is time to slip 3.)

Cast On 7 stitches (long tail style – you will use it later to weave in and finish
the point)
Set-up Row (Row 0): Knit 3 stitches, place marker, Knit 1 stitch, place maker (a
different colored one), slip 3 stitches with yarn in front.
Odd Rows: Knit 3, slip the marker, Knit1 front & back (the increase), knit to last
marker, slip the marker and then slip the last 3 stitches (do not knit) with the yarn in
Even Rows: Knit all stitches to the last marker – slip the last 3 stitches with the yarn
in front.
Continue as above until you (are satisfied with the size or) have about 2 rows of yarn
left – cast off very loosely. The beginning cast on yarn can be woven in such a
fashion as to round off the point and make it match the last cast off stitch of the piece.
Tuck in ends, and sail to adventure (or the grocery store, whichever comes first).

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