Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charity Scarf

With this scarf, use a color palette that suits you!

Approximately 5” wide x 60” long
Note: Scarf is worked from side to side.

1 Ball each BERROCO COMFORT (50 grs), #9703 Barley, #9741 Bitter Sweet, #9742 Pimpernel, #9763 Navy Blue and #9739 Grape Jelly
40” Length circular knitting needle, size 9 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE
18 sts = 4”; 37 rows = 4” in Garter St TO SAVE TIME, TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE

When changing colors, leave at least a 12” long end. These ends will be used in the twisted fringe. Color changes will occur on both the RS and WS of work – this is part of the pattern.

With circular needle, using Barley, cast on 270 sts leaving a 12” long end. Knit 4 rows Barley, 4 rows Bitter Sweet, 2 rows Pimpernel, 2 rows Navy, 5 rows Grape Jelly, 9 rows Barley, 5 rows Grape Jelly, 2 rows Pimpernel, 2 rows Bitter Sweet, 5 rows Navy then 6 rows Barley. Bind off.

Fringe: Twist the two 12” long strands at each color change tog tightly, forming a twisted cord. Knot ends making sure cord does not untwist. To fill in fringe between these cords, cut 24” long strands of Barley, fold strand in half, pull fold through end of scarf forming a loop, then pull ends through this loop. Twist ends to form cords as before. Add these cords wherever you would like to give fringe a more uniform appearance.
The length of cords may be varied if desired.

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