Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fingerless Gloves & Wristers are in, in, in!

Every catalog I'm receiving in the mail and every store I've been to is selling fingerless gloves, wristlets and long gloves without fingers!
Here's another pattern for you to try:

Directions are for size Small. Changes for sizes Medium/Large are in parentheses.
Finished Length: 8”
Finished Hand Circumference: 7 (8)”

RED HEART® “Collage™” 1 skein in 2250 Rose Dust. RED HEART® “Collage™”: Art. E748
3.5 oz (100g), 218 yd (200 m) skeins.

Knitting Needles: 4.5mm [US 7] set of double-pointed needles.
Stitch markers.
Yarn needle.

GAUGE: 20 sts = 4”; 36 rows = 4” in Pattern stitch.
CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needles to obtain the specified gauge.

Pattern Stitch (multiple of 2 sts)
Rounds 1-2: *P2, k2; repeat from * around.
Rounds 3-4: *K2, p2; repeat from * around.
Repeat Round 1-4 for Pattern st.

Cast on 36 (40) sts. Join, taking care not to twist sts. Place
marker for beginning of round.
Round 1: *K2, p2; repeat from * around.
Repeat Round 1 for 4”.
Beginning with Round 1, work in Pattern Stitch until piece measures 6 1/2”.

Shape Thumb Opening
Round 1: Bind off next 4 sts, work as established around.
Round 2: Cast on 4 sts, work as established around.
Work as established for 1
1/2” more.
Bind off.

Weave in ends.

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