Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Evening Capelet...Very Sexy!

Tilli Tomas has done it again! A sexy little capelet to wear with that little black dress! Perfect for prom or going to a wedding!

S/M (L/XL), approx. 11(13) inches wide and
38(42) inches long before seaming
1 skein Tilli Tomas Beaded Lace in Natural (168
yds/50 g; 100 % Silk with Petite Beads)
#3 US (3.25 mm) and #10 US (6 mm) needles
Pins, tapestry needle, and buttons (4) or other
50 St. across in pattern should measure approx. 11 inches wide.

CO 50(64) st. on smaller needles.  P 1 row (WS), then work two more rows in St. st., ending facing a RS row.  Begin the following pattern:
R1 (RS): With stitches on smaller needle, take larger needles in your working hand and K all
stitches from the smaller needle onto the larger needle.
R2 (WS): With stitches now on larger needle, take smaller needle in your working hand and P all stitches from the larger needle onto the smaller needle.
Repeat this 2-row pattern until piece measures approx. 38(42) inches in length.  End by working 2 more rows on smaller needles in St. st., then BO.

CO 10 st. on smaller needles.  Work in Garter Stitch (K all rows on both sides of work) for 4
rows.  Then work button holes as follows:
R1: K2, K2tog, YO, K2, YO, K2togTBL, K2.
R2: K across.
Continue to work in Garter Stitch until piece measures approx. 6.5(7.5) inches.  Repeat buttonhole pattern, then work 4 more rows in Garter st.

Lay body flat and block to size.  Fold in half with RS facing in, CO edge touching BO edge.  Mark the center of fold with pin on one side of fold only.
This becomes the bottom edge of the garment.  Open and lay flat with RS of fabric facing you. Measure and mark with pins 9(11) inches out from the center pin on both sides.  On opposite edge of garment, take each corner and fold down diagonally to meet at the two outside pins you just marked; pin in place.
Measure from the corners you just pinned inward along the top edge 3 inches.  Mark on both sides. Measure the same 3 inches along the bottom edge of garment, from the same starting point toward the center.  Pin the top edge to bottom edge at this point.
Seam each 3” sleeve seam and weave in any loose ends.  Bottom, back hem should measure approx. 12(16) inches across between underarms.  Collar length from underarm to underarm should measure approx. 32(36) inches.
Place and sew buttons along collar edge and button closure into place.

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