Friday, April 13, 2012

A Corsage For That New Spring Jacket

Knit up a corsage for every oufit and make some for your friends! Spring is Here! This Berreco pattern is quick and easy!


Approximately 5½" across (at widest point)

1 Hank BERROCO RIC RAC, #1117 Alder Bark
Straight knitting needles, size 2 (2.75 mm)
Banana hair clip or pin
Sewing needle and matching thread


When picking up loops along straight edge of Ric Rac, only pick up the loops at the points of multi-colored
zigzags, not the ones on the solid colored triangles between the zigzags.

Knot one end of Ric Rac.  Insert point of RH needle from front to back through first loop on top edge (straight
edge); insert point of RH needle through next loop on top edge, then with the other needle, lift first loop on RH needle over the second loop as if to bind off (this gathers Ric Rac). Continue in this manner until you have worked across a total of 31 zigzags, binding off the last st.  Knot the end, then cut off.

Coil the ruffle you have made into a flower shape with both knots on the underside.  Untie the knots carefully and knot them together.  With sewing needle and thread, sew through center of the flower, joining all layers together, then sew to banana clip or a pin.

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