Friday, March 12, 2010

Glam Wristwarmers

Even though spring has almost sprung, there is still s slight chill in the air in the evenings...what better way to stay a little warm than to knit up a pair of Glam Wristwarmers...they'll rock out on a Friday night goin' out with the girls or on a romantic date.
Yarn: 1 skein malabrigo merino or similar heavy worsted weight yarn (4 st per inch); 1 skein Artyarns Beaded Sequined Silk.

Tools: #8 Needles, straight pins

Prep: Wind the beaded and the malabrigo into separate balls. Then create a new, merged ball with the malabrigo and the beaded held and wound together into a separate ball until you’ve run out of beaded (you will have malabrigo left over – it has more yarndage – but you need that anyhow, so it’s ok!

To Begin:
Begin using the ball of PLAIN malabrigo.
Cast on 30 Stitches in the Malabrigo Merino.

Underside/bottom of wristwarmer: Begin knitting In stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next to create stockinette) Knit 16 rows. (this will be the bottom, or underside of the warmer.) A row more or less isn’t critical. For larger arms and hands, increase number of rows knitted in this section by about 20% in number
of rows, for skinny arms, decrease total number of rows by about 10%.

Next section/ first section of the top of the wristwarmer:
At beginning of the next row, which starts the first section of the wristwarmer, join the beaded/merino combination ball to the strand, and beginning knitting in stockinette. Knit 2 rows in stockinette. (knit/purl). Then create a purled row by knitting next two rows in garter (knitting both sides, no purl stitch). This will create
a single row of garter ridge. After you’ve knitted the garter ridge, go back to stockinette stitch and knit 11 rows.

Next section
The next 4 rows, knit every row, (garter) to create a double garter ridge. Then go back to regular stockinette for 13 rows. You have finished the body of the warmer, or the top of the wristwarmer.

Joining the edges of the Wristwarmer
Knit Join: Fold the glamolette in half lengthwise so that the outside is facing in (the side showing the stockinette stitch) and the wrong side is facing out. Line up the edges. If you like, you can pin them together to make sure there is no stretch
and the sides knit together correctly.
Treating both sides as a single edge, knit thru the two sides, by knitting thru the stitches that are still on the needle AND the other edge. This takes some getting used to. Knit the edges of the glamolette together the whole length of the warmers. On the next row, after you have finished knitting the sides together, knit
back the whole way casting off as if it was a reqular piece of knitting.

Tie off and weave in your ends.

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