Friday, March 5, 2010

Romance Cover-Up

The look of this cover-up goes from jeans, to leggings and over a swimsuit. What a versatile item to knit up!

SIZE: One Size
About 36 in. x 75 in. [91 x 191 cm]

• 440-101 Lion Brand Romance: Cherry Blossom 1 Skein
• Knitting Needles - Size 19 [15 mm]
• Large-Eye Blunt Needles
6.5 sts + 6.8 rows = 4" [10 cm] in St st (k on RS rows, p on WS). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE.

Cast on 60 sts. Begin with a k row, work in St st for 30 rows.
Row 31(RS) K 22, loosely bind off next 16 sts for first slit, k 22.
Row 32 (WS) P 22, cast on 16 sts, p 22.
Rows 33-62 Work in St st.
Rows 63 & 64 Repeat Rows 31 and 32 for second slit.
Rows 65-94 Work in St st.
Rows 95 & 96 Repeat Rows 31 & 32 for third slit.
Work in St st for 30 more rows. Bind off all stitches loosely.

FINISHING: Weave in ends.

TO WEAR: Put right arm in slit one. Wrap across back of body and put left arm in slit two. Wrap across front of body and put right arm
in slit three. Alternately, put head through second slit, right arm through first slit, and left arm through third slit.

OPTIONAL: The garment may be knitted without slits (simply cast on 60 sts and knit the entire garment in Stockinette stitch) and worn as a shawl.

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