Monday, March 15, 2010

Pom-Pom Hat...thinking gifts for next season...

Yes, spring is here...we are now in daylight savings time...but, you will need to make holiday gifts for December. What???? Yep, I know we haven't even gotten a chance to put on our swimwear (ick!), but think of making this spring and summer your chance to make some great gifts for your family and friends. Not just to help in this still, horrifying economy, but to give a very special personal gift to those around you that will say more than any tweet or facebook comment ever could.

So this hat would be great for any snowboarders or skiers or anyone that lives in a cold winter climate!
Yarn Any skein of yarn approx 140 yards or more, worsted weight
Shown on photo- Blue Sky Mutlicolored Cotton, Marmalade.
Tools #5 Set of DP needles, stitch holder, darning needle

Start first tie/earflap:
1. Create knit tie for earflap: Cast on 3 sts work in garter stitch for 9 inches until you have your first tie - this turns into the earflap.

Increase width of tie to turn into Earflap:
Keep knitting in garter stitch, but start increasing the width of the tie you’ve just knit by adding a stitch at the beginning of each row. Continue adding stitches this way until you have 12 stitches on your needle. Place this first Tie/Earflap piece on a stitch holder.
Repeat from 1. to create second earflap.
Working with the 2nd earflap that is on your needles, you are now going to create the first row in the body of the hat and attach the first earflap you made to that row and then continue knitting in the round to make the body of the hat. On your needles is the second earflap. Cast on an additional 14 stitches - this begins to build the body of the hat.

Attach second earflap Move the first earflap you made from the stitch holder onto the needles, attaching it to the knitting by knitting across it.

Create additional row to make body of hat Cast on an additional 26 stitches, join to first earflap(use marker if you need to to mark this stop, which is where you will change from knit to purl on each row for the next 6-8 rows to create the brim).
Brim of hat continue to knit in the round in garterstitch (purl a row, knit a row, repeat) for 1 1/2 inches. This creates the ‘brim’ of the hat.
Body of hat start working in stockinete stitch (knit every row) for 4 inches. Knit two to- gether on all stitches for the next three rounds. Run yarn through remaining stitches with darning needle. Sew in all ends.

Poms and tassles for top of hat and end of ties:
POM- Hold four fingers out wraoping the yarn around your fingers wrap with as many loops of cotton as you can - the more you loop, the poofier your pom. Leave a very long tail and cut the yarn. Slide the wad off your fingers, make a loop thru the bottom of the wad of loops, and pull tightly to tie off and anchor the loops. Taking a length of the yarn, wrap the bottom of the tassle to create a band at the bottom of the pom. Tie it really tightly. Using scissors, slide thru the unbanded end of the loop to cut open the untied end
of the loops. Fluff with fingers. Using a tapestry needle, come up from inside the hat, up and thru the bottom of the pom, and back into the hat three or four times. Tie off INSIDE the hat. Fluff the pom.

TASSLES- Same as the POM, use the wrap method to create a bunch of loops around fingers - except this time, - use as many fingers as you can, and make the loops as LONG as you can. Some people use a piece of cardboard to make really LONG loops. Using the same method as the POM, tie off the bottom of the loops, wrap a band around the
bottom of the tassle, and cut the untied ends of the loops open. Using a tapestry needle, sew the tassles onto the ends of the ties.

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