Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Popcorn Scarf

Don't wear this one to the's almost good enough to eat!

1-50 gr. ball Crystal Palace Popcorn #432 'strawberries-limes'
1-50 gr. ball Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon #118
size 11 Circular 26" or circular 29" Needles

This scarf is knit lengthwise all in garter stitch and alternates rows of Popcorn and Deco-Ribbon
Note: This scarf would also look very good using Party Ribbon in place of Deco-Ribbon.

Cast on 120 stitches with Deco-Ribbon
K 2 rows
Next row change to Popcorn: Knit
K 2 more rows: Knit with Popcorn
Next 2 rows: Knit with Deco-Ribbon
Continue working 3 rows of Popcorn and 2 rows of Deco-Ribbon until you have a total of 4 bands of Popcorn.
Knit last 2 rows with Deco-Ribbon
Bind off loosely with Deco-Ribbon - we recommend using a size 17 needle to bind off to be sure to be loose and prevent bowing of the edge of scarf.

TIP on Knitting with Popcorn: Popcorn can tangle easily due to the little-balls-on-a-string structure. If you keep the Popcorn ball on the chair near you, on a table or in a container by itself (don't let it roll around on the floor or unroll in a basket with other yarns) and pull off just a yard or so at a time as you knit, you will not have tangle problems.

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