Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surplus Blanket Coat

Everyone is talking about going green and recycling...well, with this pattern you can do both!

Surplus is created from an army surplus woven and felted woolen blanket. It's trimmed it all around with Ultra Alpaca in a simple blanket stitch and then a crocheted edging of Memoirs. Simply cut slits for the armholes and attach sleeves knit in Trilogy and voila, you have an ultra stylish wrap blanket coat. It's perfect travel outerwear for the cold winter months.

Directions are for women’s size Small/Medium. Changes for size Large/X-Large are in parentheses.

Approximately 70” around x 60” long (20” above sleeves turns back for cuff)

6(7) Hanks BERROCO TRILOGY (50 grs), #7620 Perthshire Green
1 Hank BERROCO ULTRA ALPACA (100 grs), #6277 Peat Mix
1 Hank BERROCO MEMOIRS (50 grs), #7704 Zola
One 60” x 70” olive drab felted woolen army surplus blanket or blanket cut to size
Straight knitting needles, size 9 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE
Crochet hook, size 6.00 mm (J)
Metal yarn needle with point

17 sts = 4”; 18 rows = 4” in Rib Pat on size 9 needles TO SAVE TIME, TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE

SLEEVES (Worked from the top down - Make 2)
With straight needles, using Trilogy, cast on 70(84) sts.
Row 1 (RS): * K1, p1, rep from * across.
Row 2: Purl. Rep these 2 rows for Rib Pat. Work even in Rib Pat until for 1”, end on WS. Dec 1 st each end of next row, then every 1 (3/4)” 16(23) times more – 36 sts.
Work even until sleeve measures 20” from beg, end on WS. Mark beg and end of last row for beg of cuffs.
Cuff: Inc Row 1 (RS): * K1, M1k, k1, p1, M1p, p1, rep from * across – 54 sts.
Next Row (WS): * K3, p3, rep from * across. Rep this row until cuff measures 2 1/2” above markers, end on WS.
Inc Row 2 (RS): * K2, M1k, k1, p2, M1p, p1, rep from * across – 72 sts.
Next row (WS): * K4, p4, rep from * across. Rep this row until cuff measures 3 1/2”above markers, end on WS. Bind off.

Thread yarn needle with 1 strand of Ultra Alpaca and knot end. Work around entire perimeter of blanket using Blanket St. With crochet hook, join Memoirs in any st, then work in Reverse Sc around entire perimeter of blanket, working 1 sc in each Blanket St. Lay blanket out flat and measure down 20” from one short end and mark each side edge. Measure 26(25)” in from each side edge marker and mark for top of sleeves.
Measure down 8(10)” from first set of side edge markers and mark each side edge.
Measure 24(22)” in from each side edge marker and mark for bottom of sleeves. With sharp scissors, cut an 8(10)” long slit between sleeve markers on each side. With yarn needle and Ultra Alpaca, work in Blanket St around each armhole slit. Sew sleeve seams from cast-on edge to cuff markers, leaving lower edges of cuffs open. Sew caston edge of sleeves to Blanket St around each slit with sleeve seams at bottom edges.

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