Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Uncle's Scarf

A couple of week's ago, my uncle in Philadelphia "hinted" how great it would be to have a nice, warm scarf knitted by his crafty (I took that in a good way) niece. So, I did make him a scarf using Berroco Vintage in 2 colors using 4 skeins. PS-Don't tell him it's finished...I want to send it on Monday.

Berroco VintageContent:

50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon
Care: Machine Wash Gentle Cold, Dry Flat
Weight/Yardage: 100g/217yds
Gauge: 4.5-5 sts = 1" on US 7-8
Knitting Weight: Worsted 
4 Skeins 
knitted with size 10 US needle

K1b=Knit into next stitch 1 row below at same time slipping off stitch above.

scarf knitted with shaker stitch:
Cast on 27 stitches
1st row: (WS) Knit.
2nd Row: K1. *K1B. P1. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K1B. K1
Rep last 2 rows for 70", ending with a RS row. Cast off.


Anonymous said...

Nice scarf!! I've just taken up loom and needle knitting. I've made basic scarves and hats on looms and have practiced the knit stitch on needles. I made some neck and ear warmers on loom as well. I need to work on the purl stitch and bind off on needles. I bound off once on the loom. :) The scarf I just finished is in blocks like yours, in lavender and green, and I may add some tassels. I really like it. My scarves are tubes, but I'm ok with that. It reminds me of Bennetton back in the 80's. I know there are way more stitches, but I figure if I can just get even a good regular stitch I can go ahead and needle knit some things--placemats, scarves, potholders, etc.......I've been envious of crafty people for decades.......:) Nice to see your page!! :) Robyn in Huntsville, AL

marlat1112 said...

Hi Robyn,
So glad you like my uncle's scarf...if you can get the knit and purl stitches down, there are a million combinations to make interesting patterns. My blog is dedicated to finding easy, quick and fun projects that even the beginner's beginner can do.
I also loom and use french knitters and have patterns for those as well.
Look back on the patterns I've published...I'm sure you will find projects that will interest you and help you flex your knitting muscle.
Keep me posted on your projects and send pics! Marla

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