Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Not Only Knitting ...Part 3, Thanks to

My vintage charms are taking me to different venues. I recently discovered a great new company that makes the best hair ties and headbands.
Well, as I was reading Lucky magazine (I received a free subscription); I was perusing the last issue when they had an article about these hair ties from, and as I was reading, I thought WOW...wouldn't my charms look cool on these. After I received my first order I contacted the owner, Honeya and she is great! Check out her website, and order a bunch.
So, when I received my order and here's what happened: (Now if you want the hair ties with the charms, contact me for information.)
My take on a great thing!

Matching the color of the vintage charm
 to the color of the hair tie!

OK, Bob Dylan isn't vintage, but he is an icon
 and I consider his Album cover totally vintage!

Making these hair ties sweet and fun!

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