Monday, May 31, 2010

Ice Cream Pint Cozys

Happy Memorial Day! It's officially summertime and ice cream is a plenty. This project is a great way to use your scrap wool yarn. (because you'll be felting!) You have time to whip up some red, white and blue ones for the 4th of July!

To fit a Ben and Jerry’s pint, other pints may vary slightly: 10" bottom circumference, 11.25" top circumference and 2¾–3" tall.
Yarn-Pick Up Sticks “small balls” of wool yarn- Two 65 yd
balls will yield two cozies! Or 65 yds of any other combo of wool yarn.

• Neapolitan Dynamite: chocolate, cream and hot pink
• Cherry Garcia: cream and red
• Americone Dream: chocolate and moss

Pints 2 or more Ben and Jerry’s pint-sized Ice Creams, 1 to shape the cozies, 1 to eat; see note.
Note: the pints need to be full, an empty pint container will collapse under the pressure of a damp cozy.
Needles- #10 –11 US circular needle 16" OR 36" using magic loop method.

Felted: approx 9 sts and 19 rows = 2" square (pre-felted gauge is unimportant).

Note: Cozy is worked from top down so start with top color!
CO 52 sts, join being careful not to twist and work 4 rnds of garter st. Switch to St st and in the 2nd rnd of St st dec as follows:
[k 11, k2tog] four times; 48 sts.

Cont in St st and in 14th rnd work dec as follows:
[k10, k2tog] four times; 44 sts.
Cont in St st until the last 4 rnds; work 4 rnds garter st, BO in last rnd. If working a one color cozy, a total of 28 rnds should be worked to get a 2¾–3" tall cozy.

Color sequences of samples
Neapolitan Dynamite
9 rnds each of hot pink, cream and chocolate Cherry Garcia
[4 rnds red, 4 rnds cream] repeat 3 times, end 4 rnds red.
Americone Dream
10 rnds moss, 18 rnds chocolate

Once felted, turn your pint upside down and force the cozy over the pint. Once shaped you can pull it back off and allow to dry...or flip rightside up, open pint and reward yourself!

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