Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5-Way Big Brim Hat

How would you like to knit a hat you can wear 5 different all depends on your mood that day!

Naturally Country
75% Microdenier acrylic, 25% Merino wool; 3oz/100 g, 185 yds/170 m ball):
Color #0017 Claret, 10oz/283g
Circular size U.S. 10 (6mm) needles, 24"/61cm and 20"/51cm long, or size needed for gauge
Circular size U.S. 8 (5mm) needle, 20"/51cm long
Double-pointed size U.S. 8 (5mm) needles
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

SIZE: Woman's Medium
Approx 27"/68.5cm diameter above brim

Size U.S. 8 (5mm) needles are used after working one half of the brim to firm up the hat before working the crown area.
Change to double-pointed needles (dpns) when the crown decreases are worked to accommodate fewer stitches.
All slip sts are slipped purlwise.

In Seed st using size U.S. 10 (6mm) needles, 14 sts and 16 rows=4"/10cm
In Seed st using size U.S. 8 (5mm) needles, 16 sts and 17 rows=4"/10cm
In Fabric St Rib using size U.S. 10 (6mm) needles, 15 sts and 16 rows=4"/10cm
In Fabric St Rib using size U.S. 8 (5mm) needles, 17 sts and 17 rows=4"/10cm

Seed Stitch (uneven number of sts):
Row 1 K1, *p1, k1; rep from *.
Row 2 P the k sts and k the p sts
Rep Row 2 for Seed st.
Fabric Stitch Rib (multiple of 6):
Rnd 1 *Bring yarn to front of work, sl 1, k1, bring yarn to front of work, sl 1, p3: rep from * around.
Rnd 2 Knit.
Rnd 3 *K1, bring yarn to front of work, sl 1, p3: rep from *around.
Rnd 4 Knit.
Rep Rows 1-4 for Fabric St Rib patt.

With larger 24"/61cm long circular needles CO 111 sts. Join to form circle, being careful not to twist sts. Place marker.
Work in Seed st for 3 ¾"/9.5cm for brim.
Change to smaller circular needle. Cont in Seed st until Hat measures 7"/18cm from beg.
Change to larger 20"/51cm long circular needle.
Dec Rnd: K3tog, k2tog, (k1, k 2tog) 34 times, k1, k3tog--72 sts.
Work in Fabric St Rib patt until Hat measures 16"/40.5cm, ending with Rnd 3.
Top of Crown
Change to smaller circular needle (changing to dpns needles when necessary).
Rnd 1 K2tog around.--36 sts.
Row 2 *Bring yarn forward, sl 1 st, p2; rep from *around.
Row 3 K2tog around--18 sts.
Row 4 (K1, p1) around.
Row 5 K2tog around--9 sts.
Row 6 (P1, k2tog) 3 times--6 sts.
Row 7 K2tog 3 times--3 sts.
Cut yarn and pull tail end through rem 3 sts. Fasten off.

Using yarn needle, weave in ends and block if necessary.

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