Friday, February 5, 2010

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Would your Starbucks cup like a little style? Use your yarn scraps with pride and make tons of cool gifts for all your friends!


Size 8 (5 mm) knitting needles• worsted weight yarn• darning needle• scissors• assorted embellishments• regular needle and thread


Cast on 34 sts. K1, p1 for 5 rows.Row 6: K1, p1, increasing one st on each end of needle. (36 sts)Row 7: Knit.Row 8: Purl.Row 9: Knit.Row 10: Purl.Row 11 (RS): Knit, increasing one stitch on each end of needle. (38 sts)Row 12: Purl.Rows 13-17: K1, p1.Row 18 (WS): Cast off loosely in K1, p1.Tie off end.

With darning needle, sew back seam to form a tube.With regular needle and thread, sew on embellishments or embroider on flowers, snowflakes or other designs with contrasting yarn.

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