Thursday, February 11, 2010

Split Neck Sweater

If you are just a beginner, it's time to tackle knitting a sweater...this one will make you confident to try more patterns in the future.

Materials: S (M, L)
• Yarn: Caron Jewel Box™ (64% acrylic, 20% rayon, 16% polyester; 2.5oz/70.9g, 100yds/92m): 10 (11,12) skeins in #0015 Amethyst- NOTE: This yarn has been discontinued. You can use another medium-weight (4) Caron yarn.
• 5.5mm (US size 9) knitting needles, or size to obtain gauge
• stitch markers
• stitch holders


Using 5.5mm ndls, in St st: 14 sts and 22 rows = 4”/10cm

Stockinette stitch (St st): Knit side = RS

CO 66 (72, 78) sts; beg St st. Work even until piece measures 13 (13.5, 14)” from beg, end WS row.
Shape Armholes: (RS) BO 4 (5, 6) sts beg of next 2 rows, then dec 1 st ea side every row twice, every other row once – 52 (56, 60) sts rem. Work even until armhole measures 9" from beg of shaping, end with a WS row.
Shape Shoulders and Neck (RS): BO 6 (7, 6) sts beg of next 2 rows, then 5 (5, 6) sts at beg of next 4 rows for shoulders – 20 (22, 24) sts rem; place rem sts on holder for neck.

Work as for Back until armhole measures 5" from beg of shaping, end with a WS row – 52 (56, 60) sts rem; pm ea side of center 8 (10, 12) sts.
Shape Neck: (RS) Work across to marker; place center sts on holder for neck; join a second ball of yarn and work to end. Working both sides at same time, at ea neck edge, dec 1 st every row twice, then every other row 4 times – 16 (17, 18) sts rem ea shoulder. Work even until armhole measures same as Back to shoulder shaping, end with a WS row. Shape shoulders as for Back.

CO 42 (44, 46) sts; beg St st. Work even until piece measures 11" from beg, end with WS row.
Shape Sleeves: Inc 1 st ea side this row, then every 8 rows 4 times, working inc sts in St st as they become est – 52 (54, 56) sts. Work even until sleeve measures 18 (18, 18.5)" from beg, end with a WS row.
Shape Cap: BO 4 (5, 6) sts beg of next 2 rows, then dec 1 st ea side EOR 10 times – 24 sts rem. BO 5 sts beg next 2 rows, then 7 sts beg next 2 rows.

Block pieces to measurements. Join Left shoulder seam.
Collar: With RS facing, using circular ndl, beg right Back shoulder, pick up and knit 60 (64, 68) sts around neck edge, including sts on holders; do not join. (RS of Collar) Working back and forth in St st [beg knit 1 row], work even until piece measures 6” from pick up row, end with a RS row. BO all sts loosely knitwise on next WS row. Join Right shoulder seam, leaving Collar seam open (see photo).
Set in sleeves; sew sleeve and side seams. Weave in ends.

Hand washing and drying: Turn inside out and wash gently in warm water using a mild detergent. Gently rinse well in cold water. Lay flat on a towel and roll in towel to remove excess water. DO NOT WRING, STRETCH OR HANG TO DRY.

When using Jewel Box, be sure to tie a knot at the beginning of each skein and at both yarn ends when joining. A small amount of shedding can be expected when using this yarn under normal conditions.

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