Monday, February 22, 2010

Roxanne Hat and Scarf

Ok, I know there is snow somewhere and you are going to need to stay warm! What better way than a matching hat and scarf!

Directions are for women’s size
Small/Medium. Changes for size Large/X-Large are in parentheses.

BERROCO HIP-HOP (100 grs), 1 hank #7236 Be Bop.
Straight knitting needles, size 13 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.
11 sts = 4" in k1, p1 ribbing.

With straight needles, cast on 50(54) sts. Work even in k1, p1 ribbing for 3 1/2".
Change to St st and dec for crown as follows:
Row 1 (RS): * K8, k2 tog, rep from * to last 0(4) sts, end k0(4) – 45(49) sts.
Row 2 and all WS rows: Purl.
Row 3: * K7, k2 tog, rep from * to last 0(4) sts, end k0(4) – 40(44) sts.
Continue to dec 5 sts every RS row in this manner, having 1 st less between decs each time until 10(14) sts remain, end on WS.
Next Row (RS): * K2 tog, rep from * across – 5(7) sts. Cut yarn, leaving an end for sewing. Draw end through sts on needle and secure tightly. Sew back seam.


Approximately 2 3/4" wide x 76" long (Not including fringe).

BERROCO HIP-HOP (100 grs), 3 hanks #7236 Be Bop.
Straight knitting needles, size 13.
Crochet Hook, size 5.50 mm (I).

A suggestion- cut yarn for fringe first. This way you will be sure to have enough yarn. To do this, cut 32 fifteen inch long strands and set aside.

With straight needles, cast on 16 sts.
Row 1: * With yarn in front, sl 1 purlwise; with yarn in back, k1, rep from * across. Rep this row until piece measures 76" from beg, or desired length. Bind off all sts.
Fringe: Put two 15" long strands tog and fold in half. With crochet hook, draw center of strands through first st of cast-on edge of scarf, forming a lp. Pull ends of fringe through this lp. In this manner, make 7 more fringes across cast-on edge of scarf. Work fringe in same manner along bound-off edge of scarf. Trim fringe to even off, if necessary.

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